Hip abduction

Fitness dumbbells

This exercise works the hip abductors, the muscles that move the legs apart. It is a good choice for balancing exercise programs as it strengthens the large glutes (glutaeus maximus). This makes it a popular exercise for sport-specific training and rehabilitation programs. The abductors are not strong muscles, so don’t pick too heavy weights in the beginning. This exercise is suitable for at home and in the gym, depending on the variant, and can be performed by both beginners and experts.

How to do the hip abduction

Sit on the device with the supports against the outside of the lower legs. Choose a starting position with legs together and set it. Now push the supports as far apart as possible, then withstand the weight for a moment and slowly return the legs to the starting position. Do the desired number of reps.

Do it well
Keep the legs straight. Resist the pull of the weight and slowly return the legs to the starting position.

Use a weight that allows you to make a controlled movement. Use proper technique and avoid hip twisting.

Variations of the hip abduction

Place a fitness ball against an immovable surface, such as a wall. Stand or lie down with one leg against the ball and feet together. Keep the supporting leg still and apply pressure to the ball with the other leg. Press the ball against the wall as the legs part, but keep both legs straight. Slowly bring the legs back together, resisting the expansion of the ball. Repeat with the other leg.

Stand sideways next to a full weight stack. Attach a low pulley strap just above the ankle of the leg furthest from the device. Both legs should be straight, feet on the floor. Slowly raise the leg with the band out until the foot is about 60 cm from the ground. Slowly lower the foot back while resisting the pull of the weight. Repeat with the other leg.

Active muscles

  1. Tensor fasciae latae
  2. Piriformis
  3. Glutaeus medius
  4. Glutaeus minimus
actieve spieren van de hip abduction