Personal training

Vrouw voert barbell squat uit
Personal training

Do you have a sports goal but you are not sure how to achieve it and could you use help from a certified personal trainer? Or do you have a goal but could use some support? I help you.

Would you like to register for personal training? Then complete the intake form so that we can determine the frequency together. your completed intake form and established training goal.

achieve your goals
With personal training from Kelly Maria Fit
1. Interview

After completing the intake form, we will have a conversation to determine an appropriate frequency together based on your goals and to fit this into your agenda. We draw up a contract and then start with the first lesson.

2. Measuring

We measure the initial situation so that we know where we want to go. This is done by means of weighing on a scale, static assessment and dynamic assessment. The assessments show possible imbalances in the body with which we first work.

3. Stabilization phase

Based on the results of the measurement moment, we first spend a period of time stabilizing any possible imbalance in your body. This also affects your balance and responsiveness.

4. Strength phase

Depending on your goal, we then spend time on strength endurance, hypotrophy and maximum strength. This depends on the input from our intake interview.

5. Measuring

We will schedule another measurement moment in between and at the end of your package. This way we can clearly see what progress you are making and make adjustments where necessary.

6. Evaluation

Do you have enough tools to start exercising yourself in the future, or do you prefer to continue together? Together we look at the knowledge acquired, the results and determine how we will proceed.