Online coaching

Online coaching

With a certified personal trainer
Achieve your physical and mental goals with online coaching. Whether you want to lose weight or develop muscle mass. Learn to achieve your goal through effective training. That’s why we’re introducing online coaching with Kelly Maria Fit!


What do you receive:
Personal training plan
Customized nutritional advice
Tailor-made supplement advice
Personal contact via WhatsApp
Access to the video library with all exercises


Do you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, gain more endurance? Whatever your goal, we tailor it so that you effectively achieve your goal within the set time. Your training plan is tailored to your life, nutritional habits, current level and desired frequency.

  • Continuous appropriate training plan
  • Online library of all exercises
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In addition to training, we also look at your current diet and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired goals. Whether it concerns dotting the i’s or crossing the i’s or offering recipes. We do not work with diets, but purely look at what nutrients you consume and what your diet can use to achieve your personal training goals.

  • Nutrition plans
  • Advice from your personal trainer


A training goal and approach naturally also includes advice regarding supplements. What are you missing in your diet to achieve your goal? Do you solve this by adjusting your diet or are supplements needed? This is a common question and Kelly Maria Fit is happy to provide you with support. We work together with ESN and Kelly Maria Fit customers receive a standard discount. So get advice from an expert and achieve your goal more easily.

  • Nice range of supplements
  • Discount at ESN
Kelly Maria Fit enters into collaboration with ESN
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Your mindset is important during this process, but also your way of life. Do you have a busy life with a double job, or are you a student and have a lot of free time? We will help you see how you can arrange things in such a way that sports are not neglected. We go the extra mile to ensure we achieve your goals!

Online coaching bij Kelly Maria Fit

Personal training plan
Personal nutrition plan
Tailor-made supplement advice
Contact with certified personal trainer
Video library with all exercises
Help with effective training
Personal assistance
Answers to all your questions

Plan your intake

* There are a limited number of places for online coaching. So register quickly to be eligible for this.