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Hello, my name is Kelly, an avid sports fan with a passion for exercise for years. For you, and a little for myself, I will look for the healthiest way of life. A way of life that has an effect from the inside out.

Since 2016, I have been collecting the best exercise, health and training tips from all over the world and bundling them into useful articles at www.kellymariafit.com. Taking care of your body and your health gives you energy, but sometimes you are overwhelmed by all the information available. My goal is to guide you in the right direction throughout your entire process with personalized tips that will really benefit you. From beginning to end.

By health I don’t mean a lifestyle like a bodybuilder or top model, I mean pure health needs to enrich yourself as a person. A way of life where you radiate from within and reflect this on the outside.

For many years I have used my knowledge to guide contacts in my personal environment towards the goal they had in mind. Now I have converted this, with matching training, so that it is possible for everyone to follow a process with me in which I guide you to the end point of your personal training goal. If you need a helping hand or expert help in achieving your personal training goals, then Kelly Maria Fit is the right place for you!

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What do customers say?
Petra v L

I am very satisfied with Kelly’s guidance. I noticed, at the age of 47, that my body was starting to become less strong. Kelly understood my goals and taught me how to train effectively and realistically with good results. I feel that I have become stronger and have even started to enjoy exercising!

Sigrid vd A

Recommended! Kelly is an energetic and cheerful professional who surprises you every training session with a varied and challenging program. It has a nice structure that allows you to make rapid progress. The hour flies by. Kelly makes exercise fun!

Evelien L

I wish everyone a trainer like Kelly. She listens very carefully to your wishes and takes injuries into account. In addition to her good knowledge of all muscles and exercises and her good advice, she is also a pleasant woman who can motivate you in a positive way. Slowly build up and when you can accelerate! Highly recommended.

Carlo VK

With her drive, Kelly provides those few extra sets that make the difference. Time flies by and in addition to her energetic personality, it is always fun and fun!

Evelien DW

Enthusiastic and passionate person. Good personal guidance!

Pim G

Friendly lady. Helpful and skilled.

Koen V

Very enthusiastic, a lot of knowledge and really knows how to motivate you!

Lieke H

Enthusiastic and spontaneous.