This structural exercise works several muscles, especially those in the buttocks, legs and back. When performed with the correct technique, the deadlift is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Since only a barbell and weight plates are required, you can also do the exercise at home. Those who have little experience with resistance training should start with light weights and increase the weight slowly so that the body can get used to the greater load and the technique can be improved. Advanced weightlifters can do the deadlift with heavy weights.

How to do a deadlift

Place a barbell with plates on the floor and stand in front of it, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your back and arms straight and bend your knees until you can grab the bar with a mixed grip, hands slightly outside the knees. Looking forward, contract the abs and lower back muscles and straighten the knees and hips until you are standing. At the highest point of the movement, pull the shoulders towards your ears. Lower the shoulders, bend the knees and slowly lower the barbell to the floor.

Do it well
Keep your back straight and arms extended throughout the exercise; slowly lower the weight to the floor.

Do not look down and do not arch the back. Do not increase the weight too quickly if you are a beginner.

Variations of the deadlift

Use a short bar attached to the cable of a secured weight stack. This makes it easier to adjust the weight, and because the weight stack slides over metal tubes, you have more stability.

Increase the challenge by doing a sumo deadlift. Stand with your knees bent, feet turned slightly outward and eyes straight ahead. Grab the barbell on the inside of the legs (hands close together in a mixed grip) and arms straight. Keep the back straight, tighten the abs and lower back muscles and straighten the legs. Slowly bend your knees and place the dumbbell back on the floor.

Active muscles

  1. Adductor brevis (onder adductor longus)
  2. Vastus intermedius (onder rectus femoris)
  3. Adductor magnus
  4. Vastus lateralis
  5. Rectus femoris
  6. Vastus medialis
  7. Glutaeus maximus
actieve spieren van de deadlift