This exercise on the fitness ball trains the abdominal and back muscles. By using a fitness ball, various muscle groups are forced into action while the body tries to stay in balance. During the walkout, the abdominal and lower back muscles are isometrically active, while the stabilizing muscles in the shoulders and scapula keep the shoulder joint stable. Use this exercise to train core stability or rigidity, and to strengthen and stabilize the shoulder blade. It is suitable for general strength training, as part of sport-specific training, or as part of a rehabilitation program for back, neck or shoulder injuries.

How to do the walkout

Lie on your stomach on a fitness ball so that your hands and toes touch the floor. Place the hands on the floor under the shoulders and tighten the abs. Lift the feet off the floor and straighten the legs so that the torso and legs form a straight, horizontal line. Keep the legs stiff and walk forward slowly on the hands. The ball will roll slightly, but keep walking until only the feet are resting on top of the ball. Slowly walk back to the starting position, stomach on top of the ball.

Do it well
Do not lower the lower back or hips while walking. Keeps the body stiff as a board.

Only do the toughest variants if you can keep the ball completely stable when you have fully extended.

Variations of the walkout

This exercise becomes more challenging as you walk forward. If you can’t balance when you walk until the feet are on the ball, stop when the thighs or knees are on the ball.

For an added stability challenge, lift one foot off the ball at the end of the walkout. Keep your legs straight and don’t let the ball roll sideways under your foot. For an extra strength challenge, do a push-up when you’re all out. To make the challenge even bigger, you can combine both variants.

Active muscles

  1. Erector spinae (onder fascia thoracolumbalis)
  2. Rectus abdominis
  3. Obliquus internus abdominis (onder obliquus externus abdominis)
  4. Obliquus externus abdominis
actieve spieren van de walkout