Triceps pushdown

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This exercise is often performed in gyms and fitness centers by people who want to improve the size and strength of their triceps. The versatile pushdown targets the triceps brachii and can be performed in many variations, using different handles and cable attachments. The abs get a good secondary workout, especially as strength increases and the exerciser starts using heavier weights. The triceps pushdown is suitable for beginners and the more advanced and is best done in a gym.


Face a high pulley cable and grasp the bar (hands slightly less than shoulder-width apart and palms away from you). Extend the arms down and push the bar toward the floor while keeping the elbows at your sides and contracting the abs. Move the bar back until the forearms almost touch the upper arms.

Do it well
Stay close to the cable to have enough resistance throughout the exercise.

Straighten your back, otherwise the spine will be stretched and the triceps won’t be loaded enough.


Put one foot forward and one foot back for extra stability if you are unsteady or pull a weight that is too heavy for you; this also keeps the trunk immobile. Using a bar that points 45 degrees down on the sides takes the pressure off the wrists.

Use a mourning tool on the pulley and grip it with the thumbs pointing towards the puff. Keep the hands close together at the highest point of the movement and rotate the wrists so that the palms face down at the lowest point. This puts a heavier load on the triceps and makes the grip more challenging.

Active muscles

  1. Triceps brachii