Triceps extension

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One dumbbell is used for this exercise to work the triceps brachii. The flexor muscle in the wrist and the deltoid muscle help to stabilize the arm, while working the triceps from the extended position and stretching in the lower part of the movement. Those who train for a sport that requires overhand strength, such as serving or smashing in tennis or volleyball or in throwing sports, may benefit from triceps extensions more than triceps pushdowns. This exercise can be done at home or at the gym, but it does require an observant spotter to direct the weight, especially if lifted overhead.

How to do the triceps extension

Grasp a dumbbell with palms on one side against the side of the weight and thumbs around the bar. Sit on a chair or bench with back support and start with the dumbbell overhead and arms fully extended. Keeping the elbows still, lower the weight behind the head by flexing the elbows. Raise the dumbbell overhead again by straightening the elbows.

Do it well
Sit up straight throughout the exercise, keeping the abs continuously contracted.

Lower the weight slowly; it shouldn’t hit your neck.

Variations of the triceps extension

Lie on your back on a bench and grab a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other. Beginning with arms extended toward the ceiling, lower the dumbbells next to the head, keeping the elbows in place. Raise the dumbbells toward the ceiling until the arms are fully extended again.

Do the exercise with one arm by holding the dumbbell with one hand, palm facing forward. Start in a sitting position with the dumbbell overhead and one arm extended. Keeping the elbow still, lower the weight behind the head by flexing the elbow. Raise it overhead again by extending the elbow.

Active muscles

  1. Triceps brachii
actieve spieren van de triceps extension