Lying leg curl

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This popular exercise works the semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris in the hamstrings. Training this area will give you more power for running and kicking movements, so the lying leg curl is well suited for most sport-specific programs. The exercise is suitable for beginners and advanced. The standard version requires a special device, limiting the performance to gyms or a well-equipped home environment. For the light variant, ankle weights are used, so you can also do the exercise at home. This variant also fits well in a rehabilitation program aimed at the hamstrings.


Lie on your stomach on the device; the knees should extend slightly over the edge of the pad and the knee joints should be aligned with the top of the lift bar. Place the roller on the back of the lift bar just above the ankle. Move the legs towards the buttocks as far as possible, then slowly return to the starting position for a count of two or three. The upper body always remains in contact with the bench.

Do it well
Move the legs towards the buttocks as far as possible. Slowly move them back to the starting position.

Do not move the weight back to the starting position too quickly. The hip should not bend too much during the movement.


Using ankle weights, lie on your stomach on a firm bench or table so that the knees extend just over the edge. Do the same movement as in the standard exercise. This variant does not limit you to a gym, but the weight to be lifted is lower.

Target the eccentric phase of the movement with one leg at a time. Start the exercise in the same way as the standard exercise, with both legs towards the buttocks. Then resist the downward movement of the weight with only one leg. For each leg, do the desired number of reps for eccentric overload.

Active muscles

  1. Biceps femoris
  2. Semimembranosus en semitendinosus