Hip adduction

Fitness dumbbells

This strength exercise is too often forgotten, especially by men. It’s a good workout for the adductor muscles, which pull the legs together (adduction) and allow flexion, extension, and medial or lateral rotation of the hip. This makes the exercise a smart choice for footballers and track athletes who need to make clipped moves and transfer passes. Depending on the chosen variant, the exercise can also be done at home. The adductors are not strong muscles, so choose a light weight when you first do this exercise and progressively load the muscles as they get stronger.

How to do the hip adduction

Sit on the device with the supports against the inside of the lower legs. Choose a starting position with the legs spread as far as comfortable and adjust it. Push the supports together with the legs until they touch. Slowly spread the legs against the resistance of the weight and return to the starting position.

Do it well
Control the speed of the in and out movements. Keep the legs straight at all times.

Don’t use a heavy weight, because the adductors can’t handle the same load as, for example, the quadriceps.

Variations of the hip adduction

Lie on the floor and push a fitness ball with one leg against an immovable object, such as the other leg or a wall. Keep the leg straight and try to squeeze the ball as much as possible. Then slowly move the leg back out and return to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

Stand sideways next to a full weight stack, feet 90cm apart. Attach a low pulley strap just above the ankle of the leg closest to the device. The leg should be straight and raised to the side, 6 inches (15 cm) off the floor, with the other leg firmly planted on the floor. Slowly pull the raised leg toward the standing leg until it touches it. Return to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

Active muscles

  1. Pectineus
  2. Adductor brevis (onder adductor longus)
  3. Adductor longus
  4. Adductor magnus
  5. Gracilis
actieve spieren van de hip adduction