Plyometric exercises, also known as “plyos,” are a vigorous form of training that develops explosive strength, speed and power. These exercises use fast, explosive movements to activate and strengthen muscles, with the aim of improving sports performance and increasing overall strength and speed.

The essence of plyometric exercises lies in the principle of stretch-shortening cycle (SSC), also called the stretch-shortening cycle. This means that the muscles are stretched (eccentric phase) followed by a rapid contraction (concentric phase), making the muscles more powerful and explosive.

Plyometric exercises can be integrated into various training programs and are especially popular among athletes who want to improve their explosive strength and speed. However, it is important to be careful when performing plyometric exercises as they can carry a higher risk of injury if not performed correctly or if overuse is involved. It is advisable to perform plyometric exercises under the guidance of an experienced trainer and to start with lower intensity and volume, and gradually increase as strength and stability increase. With consistency and proper execution, plyometric exercises can be a valuable addition to any training program, especially for those seeking improved explosive strength and performance.

Some common plyometric exercises include:

  1. Box jumps: This involves explosively jumping off the ground and landing safely on an elevated surface, such as a plyo box or platform. This improves the strength and explosiveness in the leg muscles.
  2. Jump squats: Starting with a normal squat position, jump explosively up from the squat and land gently back into the squat position. This trains the strength and explosiveness in the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
  3. Lunges jumps: These are jumps where you alternately jump from a lunge position and switch legs while in the air. This improves strength, stability and coordination in the leg muscles.
  4. Medicine ball throws: This involves explosively throwing a medicine ball against a wall or at a partner, and then catching the ball while repeating the motion. This trains the explosive power in the arms, shoulders and torso.
Plyometric exercises