Exercises: back

The back muscles are therefore often neglected during workouts in favor of the chest, shoulder and arm muscles. Don’t make this mistake. The back muscles provide the force to push and lift. They also support and protect the spine and help control the shoulder blade. By training these muscles you can perform better in other exercises and a number of sports activities, you will get better posture and you will prevent injuries during training programs without good balance.

Choose a combination of exercises that target both the upper and lower back. For beginners, the goal is to learn the correct technique with standard exercises. People with good technique and a strong base can add more variation, mass and intensity to their strength training.

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The single-arm row gives the back muscles a good workout. All you need is a sturdy bench and a dumbbell.

This simple but effective exercise, called the reverse fly, trains the muscles in the upper back and shoulders.

The seated row is done in a gym and is effective for the entire back. The muscles that control the shoulder blade receive extra attention.

The bent-over row targets the muscles in the upper back. The bent-over row is suitable for intermediate and advanced strength athletes.

Many people find this strength exercise (the chin-up) difficult because they have to pull their own body weight up.

The lat pulldown is a strength training for both beginners and advanced users. It focuses on the muscles in the back, shoulders and arms.