Concentration curl

Fitness dumbbells

This simple exercise targets the muscles in the upper arm. The brachialis is the most active of these muscles because flexion of the shoulder behind the short head of the biceps brachii. This makes the concentration curl a good addition to or at least a good alternative to the more traditional biceps exercises. Fit the exercise into a training schedule to train the arm optimally. The stable sitting position reduces pressure on the lower back, limits the use of impulse and allows the muscles in the upper arm to be isolated.

How to do the concentration curl

Sit on a bench with the dumbbell between your feet. Lean forward slightly so that the elbow rests against the inside of the thigh. With the palm turned away from you, grab the dumbbell and raise the arm until the palm is facing the shoulder. Stabilize the arm with the thigh so that the elbow does not move throughout the exercise. Lower the weight until the arm is fully extended again.

Do it well
Place the other hand on the opposite thigh for support.

Do not twist or elevate your torso to lift the weight. If necessary, the weight is too heavy.

Variations of the concentration curl

Place the elbow on the thigh rather than against the inside for some extra leverage and to make the lower point exercise a little easier.

Do a hammer curl by rotating the wrist during the curl so that the thumb at the highest point of the movement is facing the ceiling, palm facing in. This variant appeals to the brachioradialis, the other flexor muscle in the elbow.

Active muscles

  1. Brachialis
  2. Biceps brachii
  3. Brachioradialis
actieve spieren van de concentration curl