Cable curl

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This biceps exercise is often done at the end of a workout with lighter weights. The brachialis and long head of the biceps brachii are trained, but as with any standing exercise, the abdominal and lower back muscles are also engaged to stabilize the trunk, while the rotator cuff muscles contract to support the shoulder. support and stabilize. The cable curl is a good exercise for throwing sports like baseball and water polo because the biceps are strengthened in a position that stabilizes the shoulder on an overhand throw. This exercise requires two high pulley cables, making it best done in a gym.


Grasp each of the two high pulley cables so that they are far enough apart to stand in the center with arms outstretched. The palms face the ceiling. Move the handles towards the shoulders, but keep the upper arms and body still. Slowly return to the starting position until arms are fully extended.

Do it well
Make sure that the trunk and upper arms do not move throughout the exercise.

Try not to bottle the wrist; that places pressure on the shoulder joint and rotator cuff.


Grab the handles and then take a step back so that your arms are not straight out to the side, but at a 45-degree angle forward. This takes the pressure off the shoulders. Move the handles toward the shoulder while keeping the upper arms and body still.

Attach a rope to each pulley for an extra challenge. Grab the rope and let the palms face away from the body. While pulling, rotate the wrists so that the palms face the shoulders.

Active muscles

  1. Biceps brachii
  2. Brachialis