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The triceps kickback is done with a bench or dumbbell. She trains the triceps brachii at the back of the upper arm.

For the triceps extension, one dumbbell is used to train the triceps brachii. You can do this exercise at home or at the gym.

The triceps pushdown is often performed in gyms and fitness centers by people who want to improve the size and strength of their triceps.

The cable curl is often done at the end of a workout with lighter weights. The cable curl is a good exercise for throwing sports.

The concentration curl targets the muscles in the upper arm. Fit the exercise into a training schedule to optimally train the arm.

The biceps curl has long been included in strength training programs. It is a simple exercise, good for beginners and advanced.

The wrist curl targets the flexor muscles in the wrist. The wrist curl is not necessary in a beginner’s training schedule.

The walkout on the fitness ball trains the abdominal and back muscles. By using a fitness ball, various muscle groups are forced into action

The chop is the sister exercise to the lift and is the mirror image of that exercise, this time from high to low.

The lift involves complex movements in various directions using both the arms and legs. It is often done together with the chop.